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Written by J.D. Netto with a direct contribution from Paul Cardall, The Broken Miracle duology was inspired by Paul's experience living with half a heart for most of his life. Despite his health condition, he managed to build a thriving music career while on the brink of death. From discovering his passion for piano to the day of his life-defying transplant, readers will get a glimpse of the incredible journey he embarked on from his teenage years to adulthood. They'll also experience the aftermath that followed his new heart, learning of secrets never made public before.

Though characters and places were fictionalized for storytelling purposes, the main events in the novel are real. Inspired by private notes and journals made available to the author, The Broken Miracle duology is a riveting story that will take the reader on an unforgettable journey.

until it makes sense...


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from the author

I was in my hotel room in Seattle in 2010 when the song "Redeemer" came on. I was engrossed in its melody as soon as the string arrangements began. There was something about the song that made me quickly search the internet for the genius behind it. I stumbled upon the name "Paul Cardall" and his remarkable story of living with half a heart. ⁣ ⁣


He became a constant presence in my playlists, his songs the soundtrack of some of my most personal moments. I downloaded every album and religiously visited iTunes hoping for new content.⁣ ⁣ To my surprise (I still pinch myself to this very day),  on February 2019, I was presented with the chance of writing a duology inspired by his miraculous life with a direct contribution from the man himself! Never in my wildest dreams would I have pictured that moment. ⁣ ⁣


Paul and I met in NYC during a very stormy night two months later. We became friends within the first few minutes. I'll be honest, I struggled to keep my cool but believe I did a pretty good job despite being drenched by the deluge.⁣ ⁣


These books changed my life. Not only because I got to work with one of my inspirations, but because the journey is one that dares you to believe against all odds. It's a roller coaster where those riding can't see the tracks. They're only sure of the drop, but confused as to where it'll lead.⁣


Paul and I are excited to invite you to join us on this wild ride. Hope can be found in the journey, even if arduous or seemingly impossible. But be sure of one thing; in the end, it'll all make sense. 

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from Paul Cardall

It’s a bit surreal to see a duology inspired by my own life. I know my journey hasn’t been the easiest or what people consider “normal,” but seeing some of the most challenging moments I lived translated into words on a page brought clarity to many questions I had.⠀⁣
J.D. Netto was given access to many of my personal notes and diaries. In them I shared secrets I had kept for years. The experience of having an author put together a puzzle that was often just a pile in my head brought light to my own shadows. The book puts into words many things I tried to voice out throughout my life. It portrays the emotions and downfalls I experienced while many around me seemed healthy and strong. ⠀⁣
J.D. beautifully portrays the journey, digging deep through unvoiced emotions and secrets. ⠀⁣

My personal contribution is burrowed in each chapter. I got to edit each scene with notes from my personal experiences. Seeing them expand into powerful moments in the story was a breath of fresh air—even for me. It brought me perspective, healing, and even more courage to keep on living.⠀⁣
My hope is that this novel instills in you the desire to live. I’ve been on the brink of death countless times, thought about giving up in a few of them, but in the end, love prevailed. I’m alive. My heart is beating. Life is worth living.⠀⁣

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music is coming

In conjunction with the novel, Anthem Entertainment Group will be releasing the album, The Broken Miracle. The work will feature songs inspired by the events and characters featured in the novel.

A complete track list will be revealed soon.








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